See also, the Coconut Crab.

Coconut crabs at Bora Bora.

Image via Wikipedia

Speaking of crabs, check out the Coconut Crab – the world’s largest terrestrial arthropod. The Coconut Crab is indigenous to tropical islands throughout much of the Pacific, and can grow to immense proportions: specimens 6 feet long weighing 30 pounds have been recorded. The Coconut Crab’s pincers, too, are extremely strong – they can (naturally) crack coconuts, and their front claws can lift up to 64 pounds.

The Coconut Crab, according to Wikipedia,

has a special position in the culture of many human societies which
share its range. The coconut crab is admired for its strength, and it is
said that villagers use this animal to guard their coconut plantations.
The coconut crab, especially if it is not yet fully grown, is also sold
as a pet,
for example, in Tokyo.[35]
The cage must be strong enough that the animal
cannot use its powerful claws to escape.

Interestingly, the Coconut Crab is also known as the “robber crab,” because “some coconut crabs are rumored to steal shiny items such as pots
and silverware from houses and tents.”

There’s not much more that I can say about these fascinating creatures. If you’re not convinced that they are amazing, please see for yourself: