Smithsonian offers AI-generated resolutions for 2022

Coming up with a good set of New Year’s resolutions can be almost as tricky as sticking to the ones we made last year. But what good is living in the year 2022 — decidedly “the future”! — if we can’t turn to artificial intelligence to ease some of our burdens?

As it turns out, the Smithsonian has partnered with AI researcher Janelle Shane to create AI-generated resolutions. From

For the many of us who have not spent 2021 at the gym calling our mothers while planning our weekly soup-kitchen volunteer schedule, we know the insectoid life span such New Year’s resolutions can have.


So the Smithsonian has another idea for 2022: What if instead of relying on our own resolutions we asked an AI what it thinks we should do? Starting this weekend, the “Futures” exhibit both online and at its Arts and Industries Building offers a “Resolutions Generator,” an AI that makes suggestions on what commitments we should undertake for 2022. […]


“Change my name to one of my favorite shapes,” it suggests, or “Every Friday for a year I will wear a different hat.” And, “Every time I hear bells for a month, I will paint a potato.”

One of my favorites (I think I’ll adopt it for the year to come): “Treat every dog I meet like a celebrity.”